From LIPTOV to ORAVA with LOVE – A Journey to the SLOVAK END OF THE WORLD (pretty long tour)
PRICE 75 Eur per person including water, tea and a meal (48 km/4 to 6 hours), OK FOR BEGINNERS
Explore borders between two beautiful corners of Northern Slovakia – Liptov and Orava. We will take you on the long (but with eBike and full battery, relaxing) ride mixing paved, dirt and grass roads, starting from the city of Liptovský Mikuláš. Soon entering car free landscape of great valleys, this complex route will show you créme de la créme of our region – abundant valleys with creeks and waterfalls, landscape plains, meadows with sheep runs, adrenaline forest rides (watch out for deers&wild pigs and bears), downhills in glans – „zbojnícke chodníčky“, mellow flat parts and climbings to the small „end of the world“ villages. We will stop for a small „bača“ picnic with typical slovak snack and tea made from local herbs and enjoy great views and prospects. You will see all 4 cardinal points, looking at Chočské mountains, Roháče – one of the most beautiful parts of Westward Tatras, majestic Chopok in the distance – the biggest peak of Low Tatras… On the way back we stop at 200 years old mill located in the heart of a deep forest in most famous Kvačianska valley and soon after a steeper climb admire a great views from the elevated platform from a „birdview point“ above… Before coming back to the city we take a special shortcut to see Liptov dale once again. This routing is pretty much THE BEST RIDE WE OFFER, but it is NOT FOR BEGINNERS as parts of it requires certain riding skills and also a little bit of fitness level.


A MOUNTAINEER TRAIL – Climb to Žiarska cottage 1325 m“ (middle long tour)
PRICE 60 Eur per person including water, tea and a meal (40 km/ 2-3 hours), OK FOR BEGINNERS
Žiarska valley is one of the most visited valleys in Westward Tatras. Due to it’s easy access, it is very popular among amateur & professional mountaineers. This rout is highly recommended for families too as we can stop in the popular and newly renovated „Medvedia štôlňa“ – one and only original gold mine here opened for visitors. Interesting place full of history. We will climb very easy paced, no need to rush. You will enjoy freshest mountain air and a smell of wild forest flowers. After arriving to Žiarska cottage, we will chill out on the terrace overlooking a valley, having a fresh herb tea or a beer from tap. There will be a typical local snack served too. On the way down, we stop at „salaš“ – typical local sheep shephard’s cottage where we try the most famous, slovak national dish „Halušky“ (very hearty meal – potato gnocchi mixed with fresh sheep cheese and bacon). You have to try it!

„MEADOWS AND FIELDS ABOVE THE CITY – viewpoints around Liptovsky Mikulas (a shorter tour)
PRICE 50 Eur per person including water, light snack (28 km/3 hours), OK FOR BEGINNERS
This is a perfect early morning or late afternoon activity as you can choose if you want to see sunrise over Liptov dale or better indulge sunset making your day special and trip unforgettable (hoping for no overcast of course, dramatic clouds are welcomed) There will be a small stop at World War II monument & cemetery dedicated to the fallen Russian heroes who fought during city’s liberation. We will also try famous slovak fresh whay drink made in processing a sheep cheese, called „Žinčica“ on our refreshment stop at local shepherd’s cottage.